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Explore beyond our seabound coast

Some Good has an unhealthy obsession with Nova Scotia. We don't mind admitting that.

We feed that obsession by channeling our passion into supports for two main groups: 1) the entrepreneurs and companies based here in Nova Scotia, and 2) the Global Bluenosers - a community of expats, alumni, ambassadors and supporters living beyond our borders.

We wake up every single day wondering how to make our province stronger by helping these two groups achieve their goals in growing their businesses, networks, and impact. 

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What we do

Some Good Business Tours

Our Some Good Business Tours are truly unique experiences that are designed to help small Nova Scotia companies compete and succeed globally. 

Limited to just five participating companies per trip, the experience combines business objectives with personal growth and adventure.

Our first tour will be in Fall 2023 and the destination will be announced soon!

Fractional Brand Ambassador

We LOVE the companies that call Nova Scotia home. And we also love trade shows. 

Our fractional brand ambassador service lets Nova Scotia companies expand their marketing team temporarily for trade show participation around the world.

We work with only one fractional client at a time, so we get to know you and your product like its our own. Then we bring our full passion for Nova Scotia and our extensive network of international contacts to help you achieve your goals.

Global Bluenosers

We manage a digital community for our community of Nova Scotians and Nova Scotians-by-choice living around the world. If that's you, join us on LinkedIn..

We build experiences to strengthen the connections within the community, and also facilitate opportunities for members to contribute to our province and business community from wherever they now live.


Sean Meister, Founder

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