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Taking your business beyond our seabound coast

Some Good has an unhealthy obsession with Atlantic Canada. 

We believe deeply in the entrepreneurs who call this place Home. And our focus is on growing our region by helping local entrepreneurs accelerate their success internationally.

But we do this in a way you've likely never seen before.

We help you succeed by building deep relationships with the community of Maritimers who now live and work around the world. We help channel an immeasurable passion for Home into helping your business succeed - while also making sure that each of those Atlantic Canadians around the world feels connected and part of their home region and province!

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What we do

Maritimer Meetups

At Some Good, we believe relationships are the key to global success. And in true East Coast fashion, filling a room to share a meal together is the quickest way to do that!

We build custom experiences that connect your business to a room full of Maritimers who now live if the cities where you need to do business.

Fractional Brand Ambassador

We LOVE telling the world about companies that call Atlantic Canada home!

Our fractional brand ambassador service lets your company expand your marketing and sales teams temporarily for international trade show participation.

From booth staffing to content creation to networking event planning, we build a custom plan with you so it's more than just an extra body. It's the unleashing of our passion for this region to drive your success internationally.

International Introductions

Some Good has spent years building a network of Maritimers around the world.

Passionate Atlantic Canadians living and working in the world's most important economic hubs.

This community is your shortcut to accessing international markets. After exploring your business goals, we develop a roadmap to accelerate your growth through strategic introductions to Maritimers around the world.


Sean Meister, Founder

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